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What do you want to produce? Is it just a video or will you need additional, integrated support material

What length? For example will it be used as a short trigger video? Will it stand alone? Will it be shown in sequences as part of a structured training session? Will it need to be audience interactive? What background material have you gathered for the writer?

What issues need to be considered such as health and safety. What are the critical success factors necessary for this to be a success?


Why do you need it? Why will it enhance training? Have you undertaken a training needs analysis?


When should it be completed by?

Have you any existing deadlines that have to be met? Will shooting be dependent on the seasons or particular times of the day? Is access dependent on tides for example. Are access times to the plant limited. Are there any other time dependent aspects to the project.


How will we do this?

Think about schedules, timetable, chain of communication, planning, logistics and sign off.


Where are the locations where shooting will be required? Where is the nearest crew accommodation?


Who is the audience?

Who in your company will be responsible for liaison? Who else in your company (such as you communications department) needs to be involved.

Who in your business might need to appear in the video?

Who do we need to talk to for technical or other script input?

You can help us to help you by providing an adequate brief. We are often called in to provide our services by clients who have not really thought about why they want a video for or what they want it to do for them. Answering the following questions should help clarify your objectives and help to build a forward plan.

Kipling can help us to make a good start I keep six honest serving-men  (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who. What do you want to produce? Why do you need it? When should it be completed by? How will we do this? Training Where are the locations? Who is the audience?

Briefing the Production Company

The clearer the brief - the better the job Tomorrow is what we make it

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