Green Training Works
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Designs on the Environment

This documentary style video explains the principles of ecodesign using case studies and an example deconstruction exercise with ecodesign technicians. Also ideal for waste minimisation and supply chain training

Designs on the Environment Designs on the environment - waste minimisation in practice

Money for Nothing and your Waste Tips for Free

This classic DVD produced originally for the Environment Agency will help you and your business to make a start on minimising waste, saving money and helping to protect the environment.

Demonstrates good practice Money For Nothing Money for nothing and your waste tips for free - waste minimisation

No Time To Waste

A Practical Guide to Waste Minimisation

Another classic training programme  produced by SEPA. This video uses case studies to demonstrate how to apply a systematic approach to waste minimisation.

Demonstrates good practice No Time To Waste No Time To Waste - waste minimisation step-by-step

The Worm That Turns

This video is a story of sustainability in action at grass roots level.

The story captures the imagination of everyone who hears it, providing an example of how, through a partnership approach, a unique, innovative and practical solution has been found to an environmental problem.

Demonstrates good practice The Worm That Turns The worm that turns - from cardboard to caviar - turning waste into product Demonstrates good practice Tomorrow is what we make it