Green Training Works
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Use the simple product finder below to identify which products will satisfy your training needs then click on the link for details and content or browse the shop window.

Environmental Awareness

A Working Environment

Green Weaver


One World is not Enough

It's Easy With Hindsight

Waste Regulation

A Way With Waste Duty of Care

Waste - Your Duty Of Care - Version 3


Waste - A Suitable Case For Treatment

Hazardous Waste

Decoding the Regulations

Consigned With Compliance

Avoiding the Haphazards


Pollution Prevention

Lock, Stop & No Leaking Barrels

Drains, Drums, Tanks

 & Bunds




Energy Saving

Watts in Your Wires

Waste Management

Do What It Says On The Bin

Land That Time Forgot

The Worm That Turns

Designs on the Environment

From the Ground Up

Safety & Environmental Induction

Right On Site


Product Finder

Tomorrow is what we make it