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Avoiding the Haphazards

PowerPoint & Script

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Decoding the Regulations

Consigned with Compliance

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If you are a ‘Green Weaver’ user you will find the PowerPoint is entirely compatible with that product and if you prefer, you can easily copy the hazardous waste slides that are appropriate to your audience into the Green Weaver presentation. For example if you are providing a general awareness presentation that mentions the Hazardous Waste Regulations in brief you may only need a few ‘headline’ slides and some general illustration of the main points.

Price: £180 + VAT

It’s estimated that over 700,000 tonnes of hazardous waste goes ‘missing’ every year because it has been mis-classified. There is widespread ignorance and confusion over the Hazardous Waste and List of Wastes regulations. If any of that ‘missing’ waste is yours, you could be at risk from fines and bad publicity.

This comprehensive PowerPoint presentation with ready-to-read script and trainers delivery notes has been designed to to make training easier and faster. Because this product is flexible you can use it in many different circumstances for example:

 Disc includes:

PowerPoint content:

‘Notes view’ complete with embedded, pre-written script so you will never be lost for words

Actual screen shot in ‘Notes view’

With detailed illustration and trainers support throughout, almost every major aspect of the regulations are covered. Just select the slides you need and edit the ready made script to suit your audience – if you need PowerPoint this couldn’t be easier.  

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