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 A Working Environment - Release 3

 Ideal for ISO 14001 training and essential viewing for the entire workforce.

A Working Environment is a tried and tested, highly effective suite of 3 video training programmes designed to raise awareness of environmental issues, motivate the workforce and gain commitment to environmental improvement. It has become the environmental trainers’ DVD of choice. It can be relied on to enliven the training session, whilst delivering consistent, practical messages appropriate for everyone from the CEO to the shop floor.

Release 3 has user menus for splitting each section into stand-alone modules for even greater flexibility. Use it as part of an intensive training course, the company induction or in bite size chunks for tool box talks. Tailor the video to your needs and your audience with simple chapter points – you can use it for many different sessions in many different ways.

Also available: Intranet pack from £600 + VAT and Multi-site pack: e.g. 10 copies from £544 + VAT. Contact us for more details on either of these offers.

Upgrade discounts

If you want to upgrade to Release 3 and you are an existing customer with an old release of A Working Environment or One World is Not Enough you may be entitled to a substantial discount – contact us for details.

A Working Environment – there’s something in it for everyone

Excellent value. £320 + VAT  

A Working Environment – training video seen by over a million




Use the three videos to provide the backbone of a complete environmental training session, separately or in bite size chunks – it’s up to you and your specific training needs.

Why should I buy A Working Environment – Release 3?

As raw material costs rise, businesses need to use resources more efficiently and that depends on people and training.

A Working Environment provides the training context, develops motivation and shows the actions that can be taken by everyone to reduce both costs and environmental impact.


Presentation tip

Green training couldn’t be easier

These videos are flexible – use the chapter points to quickly find the sections you want or just ‘play all’. The videos are designed to work with our popular Green Weaver product. Build your presentations in PowerPoint using our prepared slides with ‘ready to read’ script and the vast gallery of optional illustrations. Select the video chapters you want to use from ‘A Working Environment’ to enhance the sessions.




Pressure Points’ shows how environmental issues impact on business and outlines the main drivers: legal, financial, market and social.

Including: product labelling, green taxes, the Polluter Pays Principle and the latest Landfill and Hazardous Waste Regulations.

Running time 17 minutes

' Maintaining our Environment ' Demonstrates practical actions for everyone in the workplace from the office to the production areas.

Includes: an introduction to an EMS and ISO 14001, the waste hierarchy, waste segregation, waste minimisation and energy efficiency, reducing fuel consumption with simple changes to driving techniques, protecting watercourses, identifying drainage systems and emergency response.

Running time 22 minutes

Three videos in one structured package

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Tel: 01484 316182

The suite now includes the stimulating and thought provoking 'One World is Not Enough' to introduce the environmental issues.

This video shows the key problems leading to environmental degradation, including: climate change, air pollution, water pollution, contaminated land, deforestation, resource depletion and much more.

Running time 15 minutes

Part 1 as a separate DVD  £140 + VAT
Part 2 as a separate DVD £120 + VAT
Part 3 as a separate DVD £120 + VAT Or purchase as separate DVDs Please note that we now take Amex  in addition to all other major credit cards a Working Environment - A suite of three environmental awareness videos - ideal for ISO 14001 staff training All products ordered for delivery within the UK, are despatched within 48 hours by 2nd class mail, free of charge Delivery All products ordered for delivery within the UK, are despatched within 48 hours (Monday to Friday) by 2nd class mail, free of charge. Delivery Click here for further delivery options and payment details

See also the companion PowerPoint Greenweaver.

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