Green Training Works
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Tel: 01484 316182 Crew with presenter Crew near rail line Crew near rail line Railways Cameraman on vehicle Crew on beach Cameraman on lawn Green Odd Shooting on location Shooting forensics Shooting forensics Forensic Crew at dusk Contre jour Working on the railway Shooting power station Shooting on landfill Shooting a diesel spillage Contre temps Shooting historical scenes Crew at waste depot Hysterical Historical Shooting for health and safety induction Elf & Safety In studio More landfill

Green Training Works

Unlike most other production houses we specialise in simply producing environmental training videos for industry, we don’t produce glossy promotions, commercials, weddings or anything else for that matter. Instead we bring all the same creative techniques in narrative construction, dramatisation, lighting, composition, graphics, post production and direction, to the needs of the environmental training video.

We have a wealth of experience in shooting in industrial locations - our senior director has been at it since 1968 and he’s not about to stop anytime soon.

“But isn’t video production a young person’s job? After all you need to be pretty fit to get around our sites.” That may be true - but who would you rather have directing the crew - someone fresh on the job who thinks health and safety is something to do with conkers or someone who brings their own PPE, knows how to use it and can spot a leaking bund at twenty paces? Having an experienced crew cuts the risks - the risks of accidents, the risks to the budget, and the risk of disrupting production. Take a mouse stroll around our scrapbook to get some idea of the challenges involved in production.

On Location On location On location Crew waiting for action Shooting in floods Crew with reflector Crew waiting for action Shooting in theatre Shooting on landfill Hot Cold Wet smelly Surgical Tyre store in cold weather Millions of tyres - camera on boom Tyres Lots more tyres Crew with reflector Experienced cameraman Old film camera Older Younger Reflective Patient Intense No Botox Bits from our Sc rapbook Lights on set Crew and yellow bag waste Shooting tool use Fantasy temple for ecodesign training Crew in studio Shooting in studio Shooting in studio Mexican bandits explain quality management A set for an energy conservation training video As above with better weather Tomorrow is what we make it

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