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There’s still a big hole up there, let’s not forget it hasn’t gone away.

Yesterday’s commercials and old footage often appear hilarious in a modern context. For example it’s hard to believe that the industrialists of yesterday considered gasoline a waste product - some experts even claimed they could grow rocking chairs in the fields and produce wool from cheese! Hindsight is amazing - we could just do with more of it a lot sooner! However, we can learn from the past to make our future more sustainable.

Our DVD It’s Easy With Hindsight is a compilation of 8 short trigger videos that use archive footage to stimulate discussion and ideas about sustainability. The topics highlighted - oil, forests and fisheries are relevant to many other resource depletion issues.

These powerful training videos will help your audience to take a fresh look at resource depletion and sustainability issues. For example, the attitudes that led to the destruction of the 4,000 year old Californian Redwood forests are contrasted with the approaches that prevented the extinction of the Alaskan salmon industry. The story of the growth of the oil economy from the 1930’s through to the 1970’s oil embargo and the fear of ‘peak oil’, shows in very stark terms how our civilisation is dependent on the sustainable use of natural resources.

It’s Easy With Hindsight DVD - for only £150 + VAT

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September  2013

It’s Easy with Hindsight

It's Easy With Hindsight Then play this