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Waste Management Training

An incident involving the illegal storage of 60,000 medical waste bags was recreated in studio for a waste management training programme.

The atmosphere of Bethlehem Steel Works, Pennsylvania, at the turn of the last century was recreated for a production on eco-design.

The Land That Time Forgot

In an entirely different style, Tony Robinson introduces a video on good landfill practice.

Video production services

Production Facilities

We went to the ends of the earth to bring you the latest update of ‘A Working Environment’

A Position of Experience

Our video crews are at home in the comfort of a boardroom or a rain lashed landfill and can just as well understand the function of an oil bypass filter or an effluent treatment plant. This brings benefits to our clients by reducing script briefings to a minimum, cutting production schedules and saving our customers management time.

Each of our senior producers has over thirty years experience in film, video and multimedia communications and over twenty years working on environmental issues and the subjects of Health and Safety, Quality, Human Resources, IT and Training. This unique combination of skills means Green Training Works can provide an unrivalled production service for environmental training, education and promotion.

Tomorrow is what we make it

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Using video in training

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Briefing the production company

Some basic advice on producing a successful video and avoiding the pitfalls

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